I want to help people who don’t feel comfortable in gyms, but would still like to get help changing their life. I set up a private home gym, somewhere I feel is a safe environment, a place people can trust. Also in a big commercial gym I don’t feel that some people get complete support. I prefer to do a package where the client gets full support in and out of the gym. I know what it feels like when you have no confidence or self-belief. You need more than an exercise session, more than a PT for 1 hour a week, you need someone who will support you from start to finish on your fitness journey.

Amanda’s decision to start training clients in her home in 2018 preceded competing in national power competitions, her prior experience training clients, A highly qualified Personal Trainer with decades of experience working out in the gym.


'Right from being very young" I have always been passionate about sports, particularly fitness training; I struggled at school, but sport was what I excelled at. I joined a karate club in my late teens and considered being an instructor, a desire cut short by a bad knee injury.


I met my partner in 1998 and decided to convert our spare room into my own Mini Gym where I could train without anyone around. Then I took some time away to start a family. During this time I felt like I was lost, I suddenly became a mum and lost all my confidence.


Back in 2012 I decided to join a fitness class and that got me back into fitness. I got in touch with the instructor and asked her to do me some training plans I could do at home, I also went back into the gym and started doing a weight training class, which I enjoyed more as I could see my body changing.

Unfortunately I got two shoulder injuries lifting weights which was due to bad posture. I went to physio where I learnt how to activate my back muscles which helps with my posture. I achieved great results from being taught how to lift correctly. Then I felt like I needed another challenge so I joined a studio which trained people to compete in strength competitions.


I entered my first world-wide competition and came 13th place which amazed me. This is run by the Strong First. I entered again 6 months later placing 12th, but unfortunately I got injured and had to have some time off. This didn’t stop me and I was soon back training again. In 2017 I began training my friend in my spare time.

This is where it all began. I really enjoyed teaching my friend and I could see that she was achieving great results. This was the perfect time for me to do something I’m so passionate about and make a career out of it. I started studying for my level 2 in 2018. This was a major decision for me as studying isn’t my strong point.

I was very lucky and found an amazing training provider who gave me help and support throughout, which helped me gain some confidence back. I passed with high marks 98% and 96%. This then gave me more confidence to go on and do my level 3 PT.


This way I could really help people make a big difference to them. I passed my level 3 in 2019, 1 year later. I also qualified as a level 1 Kettlebell instructor . This was the best decision I’ve ever made. I wanted to do something more than just work in a commercial gym.

I have qualified as a circuit instructor and I am also an exercise referrals instructor.