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"What seems impossible today, will soon be your warmup"

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I want to help people who don’t feel comfortable in gyms, but would still like to get help changing their life. I set up a private home gym, somewhere I feel is a safe environment, a place people can trust. Also in a big commercial gym I don’t feel that some people get complete support. I prefer to do a package where the client gets full support in and out of the gym. I know what it feels like when you have no confidence or self-belief. You need more than an exercise session, more than a PT for 1 hour a week, you need someone who will support you from start to finish on your fitness journey.

Pesonal Training Tailored To Your Specific Needs

  • So you can reach your potential

  • Individualised training and nutrition advice

  • Build confidence and self esteem

  • Training Ethos focused on proper technique to effectively improve fitness and results

  • Go at your own pace

  • Importance of the individual not all clients are the same

  • Get guaranteed results following the plan

  • Full package includes exercise, nutrition and coaching



I’ve been training with Amanda since March this year! She is a fantastic instructor, very enthusiastic and thorough with all that she does. I would definitely recommend her for the personal touch

Patricia McGinn

Amanda is very dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and is encouraging and realistic with time scales. She is very helpful with doing plans to work at in your own time as well as one to one sessions which I recommend.

Kim Hammond

Amanda is changing my life! I only contacted her on a whim and now I'm lifting weights, learning to run and losing weight. She's so diligent, thoughtful, and dedicated - and a great person to spend an hour with

Emma Webb

In September 2018 I underwent extensive surgery that took 12 hours and involved 3 surgeons. I was told of the positive outcome but also things that could go wrong. The one thing I held onto, aside from the love for my sons and family and friends, was that the surgeons were amazed at my level of fitness and this would stand me in good stead. I have Amanda Peskett of A P Fitness to thank for this.


Gina Clarke


What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail and had professional support?

Are you looking to lose weight, get back into fitness or just get stronger?

can help you develop a healthier lifestyle to suit your preferences and goals.

We can work together to manage weight loss, fitness levels and increase muscle tone and strength.

I can help counteract the effects of ageing or chronic health conditions through an exercise program tailored to your needs.

I offer a private gym experience, so you can train confidently under my guidance.

Its not just about training and diet. It is about making the decision to change your life. I have been inspired by many, and will help you by sharing these experiences, to helping you look better, feel good and ultimately, having a better quality of life.

Personal Training Sessions: Training Indoor and Outdoor

Choose any of the following packages to suit your lifestyle.

The 121 Training Package

Group Training Package

For 2 people plus share your training with your partner, family member or friend

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Manor Close, Todmorden. UK

Tel: 07768778424

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